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Ph.D Degrees Awarded as on 07.07.2015

S.No Scholar Reg.No Discipline Topic of Research
1 Rajendran E.S HOMOE 11 B 02 Homoeopathy Nanoscience Perspectives of Identification of Particles in Homeopathic Potencies
2 Sadana S.M J548600004 Biotechnology Identification of Mulberry Cultivars using Molecular Markers
3 Shylaja Krupanidhi D863600004 Nursing Coping Intervention and Degree of Depression Observed Among the Mothers of Mentally Challenged Children
4 T.Rohini J763600005 Nursing Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Module Regarding Care of Children in the Cardio - Thoracic Intensive Care Unit on the Knowledge and Practice of the Nurses.
5 Mohd Abdul Quddus D646100032 Management A Study of Talent Management Strategies in Information Technology Industry at Bangalore City
6 Shantaram Gajanan Khanage PHAR 2009 JUL 173 Pharmacy Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of New Triazole Derivatives
7 Narendra Kumar.V.V J899100001 IT Consumer Relation Management of Net and J2 EE Using Business Intelligence
8 Praveen Kumar Amari O647900003 Phy.Edu. Effect of Aerobic Exercise,Pranayama and the Combination of Aerobic Exercises and Pranayama on Selected Physiological and Hematological Variables Among Men Athletes
9 R.Murugesan O746500002 Psychology Adjustment Problems of Working Women in Relation to their Emotional Intelligence,Family Environment and Self - Concept
10 Deepak Teotia O863600011 Pharmacy Quality Standardisation and Biological Screening of Medicinal Plants - Calotropis Gigantea and Sphaeanthus Indicus
11 Nagarathnamma.G 758072002 Nursing A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme on Prevention of HIV Among MarriedCouples in Selected Primary Health Centres of Bangalore,South Karnataka
12 S.Vasudevan MGT 2009 AP 184 Management Role of Women in Family Managed Business
13 Smitha K Nair M863600003 Pharmacy Effect of Polymers on Gastroretentive Drug Delivery System
14 Sumit Chaudhary O863600013 Pharmacy Preclinical Evaluation of Novel Oral Hypoglycemic Agent for Treatment of Diabetes
15 Jahagirdar Asharafkhan Abdulrahaman O847600001 Chemistry Synthesis,Characterization and Applications of Nano Metal Oxides in Environmental Remediation
16 Gracy V.C D863600005 Nursing A Study on the Knowledge , Attitute and Practice of Care Givers of Children with Cerebral Palsy
17 Dhanasekaran.M O846000001 Commerce Policy Holders Preference for LIC Products
18 N.Leena Madhura J763600010 Nursing Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Module on Selected Obstetrical Emergencies,Emergency Care and Timely Referral Among the Health Workers
19 Anjanappa.M J548000010 Lib.& Inf.Sci. Automation of Library Activities in Universities in Karnataka - A Study
20 Velmurugan.S J546000022 Commerce Pre - Post Purchase Behaviour of Four Wheeler Users in Chennai City
21 Ravi Chandra V.D PHAR 2009 JA 160 Pharmacy Phytochemical Screening and Anti - Diabetic Activity on Ficus Species
22 Anantmurty S Shastry J798600001 Mech.Engg. Development of Artificial Neural Networks for Estimating the Coordinates of the Rapid Protyping Model
23 D.Hepcy Kalarani D763600005 Pharmacy Investigation of Medicinal Plants for Anti - Diabetic Activity
24 L.Urmi Shelley M641500003 Psychology A Study to Assess Emotional Intelligence and Moral Values in Adolescents with Unsatisfactory Academic Performance
25 T.Manimozhi MATHS 2009 AP 47 Mathematics Fractional Differencing in Time Series Forecasting
26 Tarannum Mushtaq J546500004 Psychology Efficacy of Comprehensive Psychotherapeutic Interventionamong Chronic Low Back pain Patients - AnExperimental Study
27 Neetu Chabria D863600005 Pharmacy Formulation and Evaluation of Bio Adhesive Gastro Retentive Floating Tablets of Oral Anti - Hypertensive Drug
28 Adkar Prafulla Prakash O863600004 Pharmacy Pharmacological Evaluation of Some Medicinal Plants for Fertility
29 K.Renuka J763600011 Nursing Effectiveness of Structured Counselling Programme onthe Quality of Life among the HIV Positive Patients in Pondicherry
30 K.Mathevan Pillai J747000005 Mathematics Markov and Semi - Markov Analysis of Life Data
31 P.Venkatesh D763600004 Pharmacy Investigation of Medicinal Plants for Hepatoprotective Activity
32 G.Muthamil Selvi J763600013 Nursing To Evaluate the Effectiveness of OSCE Method of Examination by Teachers for B.Sc.(N) Midwifery Students in Selected Nursing Colleges,Salem
33 R.Senthamarai M846900003 Comp.Sci. Intelligence in E-Learning for Differently Abled
34 Chumbhale Deshraj Shyamkant J863600005 Pharmacy Pharmacognostical,Phytochemical,Pharmacological and Toxicological Evaluation of Stem of Thespesia Lampas(CA)DALZ & GIBS
35 Lilly Fernandes J847500001 Zoology Soil Fingerprinting and Soil Quality Management with Organic Amendments
36 A.Indira J563600020 Nursing Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme for Nurses on Care of Patients with Ventilator and the Outcome of Ventilator Care in the Selected Hospital at Nellore,Andra Pradesh
37 Rishipathak Dinesh Dattatraya O863600006 Pharmacy Optimization of Microwave Assisted Synthesis of Some Substituted Heterocycles and Evaluation of their Pharmacological Activity
38 Vitthal Gajananrao Kuchake O863600015 Pharmacy Evaluation of Clinical Efficacy of some Antioxidants in Diabetic Nephropathy
39 R.Abirami O746500001 Psychology Creativity of High School Students in Relation to their Information Processing Style,Conformity Behaviour and Self-Confidence
40 N.Manoharan M698800014 Comp.Sci. Soil test based Integrated Nutrient Tailoring for Optimum Banana Production and Sustainable Soil Health Using Artificial Neural Networks
41 N.Gopalakrishnan O648000006 Lib.& Inf.Sci. Information Access Pattern of Users of Selected Engineering College Libraries in Chennai-A Study
42 R.Kanagavalli.R D763600004 Nursing Effectiveness of Planned Video - Assisted Teaching Module Regarding Nutrional Supplementation,On the Nutritional supplementation Practices of Anganwadi Workers and Nutrional Status of Under Five Children Attending Child Welfare Centres,Namakkal District,Tamilnadu.
43 K.Kamala D763600003 Nursing Effectiveness of Self-Instructional Module Regarding Behavioral Problems of Adolescents for the High School Teachers,On Assessment and Referral of their Students with Behavioral Problems,Namakkal District,Tamilnadu,India
44 Shelke Tushar Treembak PHAR 2009 JA 158 Pharmacy Antilithiatic Activit of Some Medicinal Herbs
45 S.Amudha O746100001 Management A Study on Investors Satisfaction Towards Mutual Funds in Salem and Namakkal Districts
46 R.Natarajan M763600002 Pharmacy Formulation Development and Evaluation of Cefixime Trihydrate Loaded Chitosan- Alginate Transdermal Patches
47 P.M.Murali O746100006 Management A Study on Housing Finance in Salem District with Special Reference to HDFC Bank
48 V.R.Selvaambigai O763600012 Nursing After Effects of Pathological Jaundice on Growth and Development during Early Childhood
49 Savitri Shrestha BIOTECH 2009 AP 57 Biotechnology Biochemical and Ecological Studies of Plants Found on Cyanide Deposits in Kolar Gold Fields
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