Mon, 17 Oct, 2016


1. Monitoring of Information Centres

The governing body under each Schools of Studies monitors periodically the performance of the information Centre and the students who are attached to them. Every month, the information Centres are asked to send their report to the Coordinator-Schools of Studies. The academic and administrative infrastructure is periodically monitored by the concerned School faculties pertaining to their programs. Adequate qualification and number of academic counselors, class room, lab and library facilities are taken into account while evaluating the performance of the information Centres.

2. Internal Academic Audit Committee

The activities and performance of each School of Studies and of various divisions such as admission, exams, computer, material production and distribution, planning etc. will be reviewed once in six months by an expert committee with internal and external members representing 50 : 50. This report will enable the university authorities to know the strengths and weaknesses of the functioning of DDE and take timely remedial actions to keep the system active and qualitative.