Mon, 17 Oct, 2016

Instructional System

1. Self-Instructional Materials

Students enrolled with DDE are provided with SIM for their respective programs and courses in the form of printed books. The students are also counseled through e-learning, video-conferencing and other similar facilities.

2. Academic Counselors

Qualified, trained and experienced academic counselors are responsible for the conduct of counseling and practical sessions at information centres. Besides, they are responsible for evaluation for assignments, internal assessments for theory & practical sessions. Academic counselors are to be approved by the concerned heads of the Schools of Studies.

3. Counseling and Practical Sessions

The counseling sessions are conducted by the trained academic counselors at the information centres, apart from the self-effort of the students in learning through the self-instructional materials. The counseling sessions are based on 10 per cent of total study hours with regard to credit of the programs. For example, in a Program, an 8 credit course will be taught in 12 sessions, that is, in 24 hours. Students should put his/her study hours for 1 credit as follows:

S. No Activity Hours of Learning for 1 credit
1 Academic Counseling (face to face)3
2 Practical sessions 3
3 Assignment Preparation 15
4 Library reference 6
5 Seminar 3
Total 30