Mon, 17 Oct, 2016

Program Structure

Programs are offered at five levels, namely, Under-Graduate, Post-Graduate, P.G. Diploma, Diploma and Certificate. The University offers job oriented programs & professional programs apart from traditional programs.

The self instructional materials are planned based on credits for each type of programs. Here one credit is quantified by 30 hours of study, in other words a student has to put in 960 hours of study for completing an 32 credit programs. The minimum requirements for each program are as follows:

S.No Program CreditsDuration
1 UG 96 3 yrs
2 PG 64 2 yrs
3 PG Diploma 32/64 1 yr/2 yrs
4 Diploma 321 yr
5 Certificate 166 months

The self instructional materials are prepared based on the credits given above and 10% of the total study hours is used for counseling & practical sessions. The Vinayaka Missions University has more than 200 information centers to assist the distance learners and for delivering its distance education programs. Students registered with the University will get Self-Instructional Materials (SIM) in printed book form as well as e-learning, video conference, etc.