Mon, 17 Oct, 2016

Students Support Services

At present, VMU-DDE has a network of information centres as well as partner institutions. The DDE gives the necessary student support services through these information centres. We also have tie up arrangements of many of these information centres with local colleges and professional centres to meet the requirements of practicals and professional training wherever necessary. At these centres (information centres and tie-up centres) the students are at present provided with academic counseling and information services, besides organizing term-end exams locally. We are providing video-conferencing, e-learning and latest methods of instructions for counseling. The coordinators and academic counselors will be trained by us to make them conversant with distance education system and make them provide quality student support services, besides providing similar services at the headquarters.

1. Brochures and Program Guides

All necessary information are available in the website for student guidance.

2. Infrastructure at Information Centres

Each information centre is provided with adequate infrastructure, staff and faculty pertaining to each of the academic programs available at the information centres. The information centre fulfills all the students support services in terms of classroom, administrative office, library, computer centre, faculty room, lab, waiting room, canteen, Xerox facilities, internet facilities, adequate staff, video-conference, teleconference and other facilities necessary for good academic activities.

3. Infrastructure at Headquarters

The DDE is fully equipped with necessary infrastructure and academic & administrative staffs to maintain and manage all the programs run by the Directorate. The Directorate has initiated a new e-governance system which will provide end-to-end services like admission, student support services, counseling, examination, finance, library management, SIM production & distribution management, etc. Besides, the Directorate is fully supported by EDP Team, training and placement centres and all other teams necessary for the successful conduct of Distance Education.

4. Students Information Cell

The Students Information Cell provides information for the distance learners about the programs, eligibility, duration, fee etc. apart from answering all their day-to-day queries. The e-governance system provides an auto-response system for all the standard queries raised by the students.

5. Student`s Grievance and Redress Cell

Student`s grievances relating to admission, non-receipt of study materials, exam and results are attended by this Cell. This cell ensures all grievances are redressed timely.