Mon, 17 Oct, 2016

General Instructions to the Information Centres

The following instructions are given to the information centres.

1. The Self-Instructional Materials (SIMs) are sent to the information Centres to distribute to the concerned students who are attached to them. One set of SIM should be given to each student enrolled in the respective program. Acknowledgement receipt from the respective students should be mailed by the information Centres to the Coordinator-Schools of Studies in the Head-quarters within 10 days after receiving the SIM.

2. Two more sets of SIM are also sent to the information Centres for facilitating their academic activities. One set of SIM may be kept in their library for general reference. Another set is to be loaned to the concerned Academic Counselors for teaching.

3. Tentative time table is sent to the information Centres for arranging counseling sessions for theory and practical courses and assignments. The information Centres are directed to finalize after taking into consideration of the local conditions and send it to the Coordinator of Schools of Studies for approval and implementation.

4. The name of Academic Counselors for the respective course sessions, and the details of the number of students enrolled and attended the session are to be sent to the Coordinator every month in a prescribed proforma.

5. Assignment topics are prepared by the respective Schools of Studies of the University and dispatched to the information Centres program-wise.

6. The first term Assignments are to be submitted in January, and the second term assignments are to be submitted in April as per the schedule.

7. Assignment scripts should be valued by the Academic counselors attached to the information Centres. Copy of valued assignment scripts should be returned to the concerned students with the comments of the Academic Counselors. One set of valued assignments should be preserved in the information Centres.

8. Marks obtained by the students for each assignment should be sent to the Coordinator-Schools of Studies of the University in a consolidated manner as per the schedule.

9. For further details, information centres can contact the Coordinator-Schools of Studies and the Advisor. Besides, they can contact the concerned School-in-charge faculties for respective programs.