Mon, 17 Oct, 2016

Evaluation System

The performance of a DDE-VMU learner is assessed in the following two ways:

Continuous assessment through assignments.
Final assessment through term-end examination.

Besides assessing the performance of learners by awarding marks/grades to their assignment-responses, academic counselors write comments on the assignment- responses, indicating the level of performance of the learners and thereby simulating teaching. In other words, assignments are used both as a teaching tool and as a testing tool, i.e., an instrument for continuous assessment of learner progress.

Note that there are also self-assessment questions in the Units. Working through them will help learners assess as to whether or not they understand the concepts, etc., presented in the materials. For purposes of immediate feedback, answers to self-assessment questions are usually provided in the SIM itself.

In evaluating assignment-responses, academic counselors must consider the following:

Avoid fraction numbers, i.e., 5, 3, 2 , when assigning marks to assignment-responses.
Award marks/grades for individual responses, if an assignment contains more than one question. (Award `0`, in case a question is unanswered.)
Write the total marks obtained on the first page of the assignment response.
Justify the marks/grades assigned for individual assignment-responses. In other words, the comments you write about the responses should justify
The marks/ grades you award and vice-versa.
Avoid inconsistent comments, as they are potential to generate unwarranted correspondence among the learners, academic counselors and the university. An effective way to evaluate an assignment-response is to consider the following elements: (1) content relevance and coverage, and (2) presentation including language and layout. This will give you an idea as to whether the learners have analyzed/assimilated the questions properly and expressed clearly and concisely.

1. Tutor Comments

Assignments are used both for testing and teaching. Let us have a quick look at the teaching aspect of assignment-responses. A part of simulated interaction between learners and evaluators/academic counselors takes place through the comments written on the assignment-responses. These comments, popularly referred to as tutor comments, should therefore be of a type that helps learners improve their performance. The comments can be categorized as under:


2. Awarding System

The Internal Assessment for each course carries 25% of the total marks.