Mon, 17 Oct, 2016

System of Operation

DDE-VMU follows a three-tier system of operation, namely, Headquarters, Regional Centres, and information Centres. At the headquarters the core faculties involve in preparing the SIM, counseling and practical sessions and assignment questions. Besides, they prepare the academic schedule for the whole year. The Coordinators and Academic Counselors are trained by DDE. At the information centres, admission formalities, fees collection, counseling sessions, submission of assignments and term end examinations are conducted. A team of academic counselors are involved in providing academic inputs.

Apart from information centre location, counseling centers for practicals which are connected with special lab facilities and instructions with the support of academic counselors in tie-up institutions of vocational, technical and other professional institutions.

DDE-VMU follows a three-tier system of operation as stated below:

Tier 1 - Headquarter:

The functions at this tier include the following:
Maintenance of admission records.
Material production and delivery of academic activities (theory & practical).
Evaluation of assignments/conduct of examination and valuation.
Awarding of degrees/mark sheets.
Student admission and registration.
Facilitating the organization/monitoring of counseling sessions, examination, etc.
Appointment of faculties, academic counselors, information centre coordinators, etc.
Establishment of Schools of studies, information Centre etc.
Attending to student queries (face-to-face and by post, e-mail, phone, etc.)

Tier 2 - Information Centres:

The functions at this tier include the following:
Pre-admission counseling.
Sale of application forms.
Enrolment of students.
Popularizing DDE-VMU programs especially to remote and rural areas.
Conducting counseling sessions.
Conducting practical sessions.
Conducting examinations.
Providing library facilities.
Computer centre

Tier 3 - Tie-up Centres:

The functions at this tier include the conduct of counseling and practical sessions. These are mainly colleges affiliated to conventional universities or hospitals or professional centres with whom a MOU is arranged.

In this three-tiered structure, academic counselors located at the information Centres and Counseling Centres function as an interface between the students and the University. More importantly DDE-VMU depends on academic counselors in providing qualitative student support services and maintaining the standards of DDE programs.