Copies of Ph.D Theses(07.07.2014 to 07.07.2016)

S.No Scholar Reg.No Discipline Topic of Research
1 Patil Narayan Venkatarao J763600003 Pharmacy Formulation and Evaluation of Gastro - Retentive Drug Delivery System of Some Selected Drugs
2 D.Uma Maheswari PHARM 11 A 05 Pharmacy Analytical Method Development and Validation of Selected Drug Molecules
3 Ashok Kumar.K.V 766062001 Pharmacy Synthesis and Evaluation of New Novel Heterocycles containing Benzo 1, 3-Thiazoles for Pharmacological Screening
4 Xavier Amaladoss.A O546100014 Management A Study of Industrial Relations at M/S Premabalur Sugar Mills Limited, Eraiyur, Preambalur Dist
5 Narendra.J M845600001 English Swami Vivekananda: A Rational Perspective (Rationality as Propounded by Bertand Russell)
6 Hareesh Babu.E M863600004 Pharmacy Phytochemical Screening of Certain Herbal Drugs for Anti -Oxidant Activity
7 M.Paul Raj O846900004 Comp.Sci Performance of Analysis for Data Mart
8 V.Gomathi PHARM 11 A 01 Pharmacy Evaluation of Anti - Diabetic & Anti - Oxidant Activity of Selected Medical Plants
9 K.Rajappan M698700004 ECE Digital Image Processing based on Line Control and Monitoring
10 Rajni Saxena O748600001 Biotechnology Study of Immunological Status of Native Chickens
11 Deepak Prakash Saxena O748600002 Biotechnology Molecular Characterization of Indian Breed Kadaknath Chickens
12 Merugu Raju J578600018 Pharmacy Design, Development and Stability Evaluation of Nutraceuticals in Oral Solid Dosage Forms
13 Pavithran Rayaroth M863600003 Nursing Effect of Structured Nursing Intervention on Anxiety, Depression and Quality of Life among Senior Citizens
14 Alice T P(Sr Lissa Paul) M763600008 Nursing Effectiveness of Planned Intervention Programme on Stress, Self Esteem and Adjustment of Adolescent wards of Clients attending De-Addiction Centers
15 Prabhu Shankar.G.L 765062002 Pharmacy Formulation and Evaluation of Periodontal Films for Local Delivery of Antibiotics
16 Vijayalakshmi.K D898900002 ECE Independent Component Analysis of EEG Signals
17 Vinutha.K M547300001 Chemistry Some Investigations in to the Properties of ZA - 27 / TIO2 Metal Matrix Composites
18 Sitharthan.R HOMOE 11 B 02 Homeopathy Efficacy of Homeopathic Treatment in Modulation of Immunoglobulin E (IgE) Levels in Bronchaial Asthma
19 A.Ramesh MATHS 11 A 03 Mathematics Oscillatory Behavior of Second Order Delay Difference Equations
20 C.G.Elangovan EDU 11 A 01 Education Aptitude and Attutude towards Teaching among Diet Teacher Trainees in Relation to their Emotional Maturity
21 Samuel.N D645600005 English Social Reality in the Works of Bhabani Bhattacharya
22 M.Ramasubramanian CSE 11 A 06 CSE Reconstruction of Near Realistic 3D Objects from 2D Image
23 Gowrisankar.M MATHS 11 A 02 Mathematics A Study on the Existence and the Properties of Random Impulsive Differential Systems
24 Porkodi.M BIOTECH 2009 AP 59 Biotechnology Studies on Antibacterial Activity and Mycorrhizal Effect on Coleus Aromaticus
25 Prema.P 758072001 Nursing Effectiveness of SIM on sex among the Higher Secondary School Children, Raichur, Karnataka
26 Shanmukhaih Surangimath O545900007 Education Achievement in Mathematics of IX Standard Students in Relation to their Home Life Experience, Mathematical Attitude and Intelligence
27 Basavaraju.G 755072002 Nursing Effectiveness of Structured Instructional Module on Knowledge, Attitude and Practice regarding Prevention of Oral Cancer among Adolescents in Urban Colleges of Bangalore South
28 Lakshmi Prabha.S BIOCHEM 2009 AP 43 Medi.Biochem Iron Homeostasis and Association of HFE Gene Polymorphism in the Pathophysiology of Preeclampsia
29 Zeanath Cariena Joseph 755072003 Nursing Effectiveness of Planned Preoperative Nursing Information on Postoperative Outcome among the Patients undergoing selected Surgeries at selected Hosptital of Kolar, Karnataka
30 Mukuntha Kumar.N PHAR 2009 AJ 159 Pharmacy A Stability Indicating Analytical Method for Anti-Hypertensive Drugs
31 Sajan Mathew J546100002 Management The Impact of Information Systems in Hospitals
32 Hanumantha Reddy.H O747600001 Chemistry Biochemical Investigation on High Light Induced Alterations in Primary Processes of Photosynthesis in Wheat Leaves
33 Rekha.G ANAT 11 A 10 Anatomy Cytogenetic Study of Chromosomal Aberrations in Subfertile Men
34 Damodaran.B D646500001 Psychology Effectiveness of Art of Living Course on Occupational Stress and Work Motivation Among Executives
35 K.M.Tullanithi D863620005 Medi.Biochem Selenium Status in Health and Disease
36 Shoury Kuttappa.A.P J546100016 Management Effect of Attrition of Core Employees in Organizations
37 Catherine.G MICBIO 2009 AP 23 Microbiology A Study of Micro - Flora of Fruit Wastes in the Production of Ethanol and Vinegar
38 Bharathi.M O763600002 Nursing Educational Interventional Study on New Born Care Among Primi Antenatal Mothers Attending Clinics in Selected Maternity Hospitals
39 Mruthyunjaya.J.H 766062003 Pharmacy The Design,Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Certain Bioactive Molecules Containing Heterocyclic Moieties
40 Kavitha.S ANAT 11 A 05 Anatomy Histomorphometric and Morphological Study of Papillary Muscles in Adult Human Hearts
41 Deepu.S J863600003 Pharmacy Formulation and Evaluation of a Controlled Release Oral Hypoglycaemic Tablet
42 V.Rajitha ANAT 11 A 08 Anatomy Study of Cytogenetic Pattern and Mutational Analysis of BMP - 15 Gene in Amenorrhea
43 Ramesh.D.K. 766062002 Pharmacy Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Certain Heterocycles
44 Ansa Mathew PHAR 2009 JA 155 Pharmacy Evaluation of Protective Effect of Herbal Constituents on Nephrotoxicity
45 Chandrasekar J547900004 Phy.Edu. Effect of Two Different Fitness Programmes on Selected Physical Physiological and Biochemical Variables
46 Subhashini.S MGT 11 A 05 Management Impact of Quality of Work Life Towards Organizational Commitments Among Staff Nurses
47 V.Baskaran J545600016 English Tagore:A Mediatrix of the Trinity of Nature, Man and God
48 K.Chitra Sankari M548300001 Biotechnology Genetic and Cytogenetic Studies on Primary and Secondary Amenorhea in Tamilnadu Population
49 Radhika.V ENG 11 A 01 English Interference of Mother - Tongue in Learning English as Second Language
50 Sheela.T ECE 2009 AP 27 ECE Investigations on Performance Evaluation of CMOS VLSI
51 Sreedevi .J M863600002 Nursing Effectiveness of Relaxation Programme on Institutionalised Women with Pregnancy Induced Hypertension
52 Damayanthi.S M763600015 Nursing Effectiveness of Video Assisted Teaching Module on Lifestyle Modifications of the Patients with Coronary Artery Diseases Admitted in Selected Cardiac Hospital,Bangalore,Karnataka
53 Amanullah.M M846900001 CSE Information Retrieval of Non - Text Based Data Using Ann
54 SakthiKumar .S O746900006 Comp.Sci. Framework of Business Intelligence System Using Data Mining for Improved Business Performance
55 Rajendran E.S HOMOE 11 B 02 Homoeopathy Nanoscience Perspectives of Identification of Particles in Homeopathic Potencies
56 Sadana S.M J548600004 Biotechnology Identification of Mulberry Cultivars using Molecular Markers
57 Shylaja Krupanidhi D863600004 Nursing Coping Intervention and Degree of Depression Observed Among the Mothers of Mentally Challenged Children
58 T.Rohini J763600005 Nursing Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Module Regarding Care of Children in the Cardio - Thoracic Intensive Care Unit on the Knowledge and Practice of the Nurses.
59 Mohd Abdul Quddus D646100032 Management A Study of Talent Management Strategies in Information Technology Industry at Bangalore City
60 Shantaram Gajanan Khanage PHAR 2009 JUL 173 Pharmacy Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of New Triazole Derivatives
61 Narendra Kumar.V.V J899100001 IT Consumer Relation Management of Net and J2 EE Using Business Intelligence
62 Praveen Kumar Amari O647900003 Phy.Edu. Effect of Aerobic Exercise,Pranayama and the Combination of Aerobic Exercises and Pranayama on Selected Physiological and Hematological Variables Among Men Athletes
63 R.Murugesan O746500002 Psychology Adjustment Problems of Working Women in Relation to their Emotional Intelligence,Family Environment and Self - Concept
64 Deepak Teotia O863600011 Pharmacy Quality Standardisation and Biological Screening of Medicinal Plants - Calotropis Gigantea and Sphaeanthus Indicus
65 Nagarathnamma.G 758072002 Nursing A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme on Prevention of HIV Among MarriedCouples in Selected Primary Health Centres of Bangalore,South Karnataka
66 S.Vasudevan MGT 2009 AP 184 Management Role of Women in Family Managed Business
67 Smitha K Nair M863600003 Pharmacy Effect of Polymers on Gastroretentive Drug Delivery System
68 Sumit Chaudhary O863600013 Pharmacy Preclinical Evaluation of Novel Oral Hypoglycemic Agent for Treatment of Diabetes
69 Jahagirdar Asharafkhan Abdulrahaman O847600001 Chemistry Synthesis,Characterization and Applications of Nano Metal Oxides in Environmental Remediation
70 Gracy V.C D863600005 Nursing A Study on the Knowledge , Attitute and Practice of Care Givers of Children with Cerebral Palsy
71 Dhanasekaran.M O846000001 Commerce Policy Holders Preference for LIC Products
72 N.Leena Madhura J763600010 Nursing Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Module on Selected Obstetrical Emergencies,Emergency Care and Timely Referral Among the Health Workers
73 Anjanappa.M J548000010 Lib.& Inf.Sci. Automation of Library Activities in Universities in Karnataka - A Study
74 Velmurugan.S J546000022 Commerce Pre - Post Purchase Behaviour of Four Wheeler Users in Chennai City
75 Ravi Chandra V.D PHAR 2009 JA 160 Pharmacy Phytochemical Screening and Anti - Diabetic Activity on Ficus Species
76 Anantmurty S Shastry J798600001 Mech.Engg. Development of Artificial Neural Networks for Estimating the Coordinates of the Rapid Protyping Model
77 D.Hepcy Kalarani D763600005 Pharmacy Investigation of Medicinal Plants for Anti - Diabetic Activity
78 L.Urmi Shelley M641500003 Psychology A Study to Assess Emotional Intelligence and Moral Values in Adolescents with Unsatisfactory Academic Performance
79 T.Manimozhi MATHS 2009 AP 47 Mathematics Fractional Differencing in Time Series Forecasting
80 Tarannum Mushtaq J546500004 Psychology Efficacy of Comprehensive Psychotherapeutic Interventionamong Chronic Low Back pain Patients - AnExperimental Study
81 Neetu Chabria D863600005 Pharmacy Formulation and Evaluation of Bio Adhesive Gastro Retentive Floating Tablets of Oral Anti - Hypertensive Drug
82 Adkar Prafulla Prakash O863600004 Pharmacy Pharmacological Evaluation of Some Medicinal Plants for Fertility
83 K.Renuka J763600011 Nursing Effectiveness of Structured Counselling Programme onthe Quality of Life among the HIV Positive Patients in Pondicherry
84 K.Mathevan Pillai J747000005 Mathematics Markov and Semi - Markov Analysis of Life Data
85 P.Venkatesh D763600004 Pharmacy Investigation of Medicinal Plants for Hepatoprotective Activity
86 G.Muthamil Selvi J763600013 Nursing To Evaluate the Effectiveness of OSCE Method of Examination by Teachers for B.Sc.(N) Midwifery Students in Selected Nursing Colleges,Salem
87 R.Senthamarai M846900003 Comp.Sci. Intelligence in E-Learning for Differently Abled
88 Chumbhale Deshraj Shyamkant J863600005 Pharmacy Pharmacognostical,Phytochemical,Pharmacological and Toxicological Evaluation of Stem of Thespesia Lampas(CA)DALZ & GIBS
89 Lilly Fernandes J847500001 Zoology Soil Fingerprinting and Soil Quality Management with Organic Amendments
90 A.Indira J563600020 Nursing Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme for Nurses on Care of Patients with Ventilator and the Outcome of Ventilator Care in the Selected Hospital at Nellore,Andra Pradesh
91 Rishipathak Dinesh Dattatraya O863600006 Pharmacy Optimization of Microwave Assisted Synthesis of Some Substituted Heterocycles and Evaluation of their Pharmacological Activity
92 Vitthal Gajananrao Kuchake O863600015 Pharmacy Evaluation of Clinical Efficacy of some Antioxidants in Diabetic Nephropathy
93 R.Abirami O746500001 Psychology Creativity of High School Students in Relation to their Information Processing Style,Conformity Behaviour and Self-Confidence
94 N.Manoharan M698800014 Comp.Sci. Soil test based Integrated Nutrient Tailoring for Optimum Banana Production and Sustainable Soil Health Using Artificial Neural Networks
95 N.Gopalakrishnan O648000006 Lib.& Inf.Sci. Information Access Pattern of Users of Selected Engineering College Libraries in Chennai-A Study
96 R.Kanagavalli.R D763600004 Nursing Effectiveness of Planned Video - Assisted Teaching Module Regarding Nutrional Supplementation,On the Nutritional supplementation Practices of Anganwadi Workers and Nutrional Status of Under Five Children Attending Child Welfare Centres,Namakkal District,Tamilnadu.
97 K.Kamala D763600003 Nursing Effectiveness of Self-Instructional Module Regarding Behavioral Problems of Adolescents for the High School Teachers,On Assessment and Referral of their Students with Behavioral Problems,Namakkal District,Tamilnadu,India
98 Shelke Tushar Treembak PHAR 2009 JA 158 Pharmacy Antilithiatic Activit of Some Medicinal Herbs
99 S.Amudha O746100001 Management A Study on Investors Satisfaction Towards Mutual Funds in Salem and Namakkal Districts
100 R.Natarajan M763600002 Pharmacy Formulation Development and Evaluation of Cefixime Trihydrate Loaded Chitosan- Alginate Transdermal Patches
101 P.M.Murali O746100006 Management A Study on Housing Finance in Salem District with Special Reference to HDFC Bank
102 V.R.Selvaambigai O763600012 Nursing After Effects of Pathological Jaundice on Growth and Development during Early Childhood
103 Savitri Shrestha BIOTECH 2009 AP 57 Biotechnology Biochemical and Ecological Studies of Plants Found on Cyanide Deposits in Kolar Gold Fields
104 K.P.Basavarajappa J546100001 Management E - Governance initiative in India: Empirical study to examine the impact of value creation by Bhoomi - An - On - Line Land records delivery system of Karnataka
105 Mohammed Sammiudin Sahem D646100031 Management An analysis of the impact of Brand promotion through marketing communication on adolescents at Bangalore city
106 Masood Ahmed Siddiqui PHAR 2009 JA 02 Pharmacy Synthesis and pharmocological evaluation of novel analgesic and anit - inflammatory compounds
107 Chandrashekara Laxman A O863600014 Pharmacy Preclinical evaluation of new chemical entity for treatment of diabetes and obesity
108 Jayaambigavathi.R J747000002 Mathematics Graph Labeling
109 K.N.Sreeda M847000002 Mathematics Fuzzy multicriteria decision making analysis (using a Novel FAHP - FTOPSIS Approach)
110 S.Thilakar O648000004 Lib.& Inf.Sci. A Scientometric study of research in crop sciences
111 D.Agnes O545900005 Education Value perception of under graduate students of kanyakumari district colleges
112 S.Ramesh O763600001 Nursing An Educational intervention module on sweets syndrome to the registered nurses
113 S.Vishnukumar J748600002 Biotechnology Effect of morin on Streptozotocin induced diabetic male albino wistar rats
114 T.K.Jithesh BIOCHEM 09 Ap 41 Med. Biochemistry Predictive Markers for Renal Involvement in Hypertension
115 Jennifer Joseph M645600004A English Feminist perspective in the works of Kamala Das
116 P.Sasikala D546900011 Comp.Sci. Stochastic model for ECG and its application in diagnosis of human identification
117 Rosaline R Premila 760073001 Nursing A Study to assess the effectiveness of information education and communication(IEC) package on development of low birth weight babies among mothers with low bith weight babies at hospitals, Chennai
118 C.S.Pillai M698800008 CSE Design of efficient methodology for image query processing
119 Remya Chidhambaram 760071001 Nursing Effectiveness of Structured teaching programme on high risk factors to reduce maternal mortality among mothers in primary health centers in bijapur district
120 Shyni Bernard O863600005 Pharmacy Analytical Method Development of Lipid Lowering Agents (Statins)and their Combination
121 V.Selvam O863610001 Forien. Sci. Age as a Factor in the Onset of Atherosclerosis in the Population of Salem, Tamil Nadu
122 Vanith HIN 2009 JA 14 Hindi Sarveshwardayal Saxena Ke Samagra Sahitya Ka Vishleshanatmak Adhyayan
123 Salver Sujatha M563600007 Nursing Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme in Prevention of Maternal Complications among the Pre-Natal Women Attending Ante-Natal Clinic at Selected Primary Health Centres in Nalgonda District Andhra Pradesh
124 P.Ravi O646500004 Psychology A Psychological Study of Mental Health among Bootleggers
125 Shashidhara Y.N O763600011 Nursing Assessment of Awareness Regarding Nursing Research and its Utilization among Staf Nurses and Nurse Educators
126 Iyyapaswamy T MGT 2009 AP 187 Management Selection of Mobile Network Service Providers among College Students
127 Anil Kumar Kanamarlapudi O646100005 Management Effectiveness of HRD Climate in Commercial Bank of Ethiopia with Special Reference to Dire Dawa District,Ethiopia.
128 J.Banu Rekha O863600018 Pharmacy Phytochemical and Antitumor Activity of Selected MedicinalPlants from Shervaroyan Hills,Tamilnadu
129 Vite Manisha Haribhau D863600001 Pharmacy Standardisation on the Classical Ayurvedic Formulation
130 M.Rajasekar O746100003 Management Human Resource Practices in District Central Cooperative Banks
131 Jain Nitin Pannalal O863600012 Pharmacy Synthesis and Evaluation of Antifungal Activity of Substituted 1,4-Benzothiazine Derivatives
132 A.Anbuchezian CENGG 2009 AP 17 Civil Engg. Study on Flexural Behaviour of Cold Formed Steel Beam Elements Under Monotonic and Cyclic Loads.
133 Martin Babu Panackal J847900002 Phy.Edu. Efficacy of Different Types of Training methods on Physical Fitness of Sports Persons
134 Selvaraj.G MGT 2009 JA 181 Management A Study on Marketing Problems and Prospects of Pharmaceutical Companies
135 P.Balasubramanian O646000002 Commerce A Study on Financial Performance of Khadi and Village Industries Board in Tamilnadu with Special Reference to Karur District
136 Nangude Shantharaman Laxman D863600003 Pharmacy Design of Oral Controlled Drug Delivery System
137 Joel Peres Ruth Ashtamkar J763600008 Pharmacy Studies on Oral Controlled Release Drug Delivery Systems
138 Subin Mary Zachariah O863600017 Pharmacy Phytochemical and Pharmacological Evaluation of Some Selected Indigenous Medicinal Plants for their Hepatoprotective Potential
139 Vidya Viswanad O863600016 Pharmacy Phytochemical,Pharmacological and Formulation Studies of Selected Medicinal Plants of India
140 S.Lakshmi Devi J863600004 Pharmacy Pharmacognostical,Phytochemical and Pharmacological Studies on the Leaves of Wrighta Arborea(Dennst.)MABB and Other Related Species.
141 Malathi.S O863600001 Nursing Effectiveness of Video Assisted Teaching Programme on Lifestyle Modification of Elderly
142 Prabha Sheela.B BIOCHE 2009 AP 44 Biochemistry Biochemical Changes in Pre and Post Operative Breast Carcinoma
143 Benjamin.J D646100015 Management A Study on Policy Holders Perception and Behaviour TowardsLife Insurance
144 Venkatasalam.C COMPSC 2009 JA 179 CSE A Study on Ultrasound Scan Images of the Liver for the EarlyDetection of Patocellular Carcinoma
145 Nazir Ahmad Waza D647900003 Phy.Edu. Effect of Low Intensity Endurance Training Programme on Coronary Heart Disease Risk Factors Among Middle Aged Overweight Men of Jammu and Kashmir State
146 T.Chandrasekharan M845600002 English The Impact of Sociolinguistics on the Teaching and Learning of English in Nagaland
147 L.Tamil Selvi O647000001 Mathematics New Classes of Graphs Relating to Quadrilateral Snake Using α - Valuation ODD Graceful,Felicitous,Mean and Cordial Labelings : A Study
148 C.S.Satheeshkumar M763600006 Pharmacy Design of Natural Product Formulation for Antipyretic Activity
149 J.Thirumaran J546900020 Comp.Sci. Device and Subscript Modeling for Circuit Simulation - A Neural Network Applications
150 S.Malarvizhi M863600001 Nursing Knowledge and Attitude of Nurses on Legal Aspects in Patient Care
151 D.Divya BIOCHEM 2009 AP 37 Medi.Biochem. Antitumorogenic Effects of Diallyl Disulfide in Experimentally Induced Hepatoma in Mice
152 Raja.P. O845900001 Education A Study of Factors Facilitating Women Empowerment
153 N.C.Jesus Rajkumar D647900002 Phy.Edu. Effect of Physical Training Programe on Body Composition and Health Related Physical Fitness Variables among Childrenwith Down Syndrome
154 B.Rajesh O848600001 Biotechnology Isolation and Characterization of Cellulose and Lignin Degrading Microorganisms for Pressmud Composting
155 Mohite Popat Babanrao O863600009 Pharmacy Synthesis and Evaluation of Pharmacological Activity of Some Tetrazole Derivatives
156 P.Nandhaprakash M763600012 Nursing Development of Nursing Audit Tool to Assess the ReproductiveChild Health Services Provided by Nursing Personnel Based on the Records Maintained at Urban and Rural Health Centers
157 Veena G Raiker BIOCHM 2009 AP 38 Biochemistry Hypolipidemic Effects of Diaceto Dipropyl Disulphide in AlloxanDiabetic Rats
158 K.Kalavathi J545600009 English Evolution of Drama from the Myth of the Mankind: A Study of Select Plays of Girish Karnad and James Reaney
159 S.Subramoniam D846900001 CSE Cryptography and Security Measures
160 Sujith S Nair O863600020 Pharmacy Formulation and Evaluation of Cosmetics Containing Antioxidant - Rich Herbal Extracts
161 R.Govindaraju J799000002 EEE Design and Development of Fuel Saving Injection System for Diesel Engines Using Embedded Control
162 T.Muthumanickam ECE 2009 AP 28 ECE Analysis of High Performance VLSI Optimization for Encryption and Decryption of Telecommunication Data
163 R.Manikkumar J747600004 Medi.Biochem Epidemiological and Genetic Studies in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
164 V.Ilango J745600002 English A Study of Indian Life as Exposed By R.K.Narayan in his Selected Novels
165 E.Anbalagan O746900005 CSE Data Mining and Intrusion Detection System Using Back Propagation Algorithm
166 M.Venkateshaiah D646000017 Commerce Dimensions of Quality of Work life in Select Organizations at Bangalore - An Analytical Study
167 Austi Joseph J646100001 Management A Study on the Effectiveness of Management Programmes of Kudumbasree in Kerala
168 Pushpaveni.N.P. M763600014 Nursing Effectiveness of Video Assisted Instructional Module on Antenatal,Inttranatal and Postnatal care on the Pregnancy Outcome of Pregnant Women Attending Maternity Hospitals,Bangalore
169 Uma Shendy D863600008 Nursing A Nursing study on the Assessment of Needs Gratification among School Children
170 P.Suresh J598800032 Comp.Sci. Optimal Selection of Reusable Components for Component based Software Development Systems using Soft Computing Techniques
171 Della Grace Thomas Parambi M863600006 Pharmacy Analytical Method Development and Validation of Some Selected Antagonistic Drugs
172 S.Manthiramoorthiyapillai J546500001 Psychology Abnormal Behaviour and its Remedies in the View of Tamil Traditional Siddha Medicines
173 T.K.Ajith Babu Pharmacy Phytochemical and pharmacological Evaluation of Scleropyrum Pentandrum