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Ph.D Degrees Awarded as on 07.07.2016

S.No Scholar Reg.No Discipline Topic of Research
1 Patil Narayan Venkatarao J763600003 Pharmacy Formulation and Evaluation of Gastro - Retentive Drug Delivery System of Some Selected Drugs
2 D.Uma Maheswari PHARM 11 A 05 Pharmacy Analytical Method Development and Validation of Selected Drug Molecules
3 Ashok Kumar.K.V 766062001 Pharmacy Synthesis and Evaluation of New Novel Heterocycles containing Benzo 1, 3-Thiazoles for Pharmacological Screening
4 Xavier Amaladoss.A O546100014 Management A Study of Industrial Relations at M/S Premabalur Sugar Mills Limited, Eraiyur, Preambalur Dist
5 Narendra.J M845600001 English Swami Vivekananda: A Rational Perspective (Rationality as Propounded by Bertand Russell)
6 Hareesh Babu.E M863600004 Pharmacy Phytochemical Screening of Certain Herbal Drugs for Anti -Oxidant Activity
7 M.Paul Raj O846900004 Comp.Sci Performance of Analysis for Data Mart
8 V.Gomathi PHARM 11 A 01 Pharmacy Evaluation of Anti - Diabetic & Anti - Oxidant Activity of Selected Medical Plants
9 K.Rajappan M698700004 ECE Digital Image Processing based on Line Control and Monitoring
10 Rajni Saxena O748600001 Biotechnology Study of Immunological Status of Native Chickens
11 Deepak Prakash Saxena O748600002 Biotechnology Molecular Characterization of Indian Breed Kadaknath Chickens
12 Merugu Raju J578600018 Pharmacy Design, Development and Stability Evaluation of Nutraceuticals in Oral Solid Dosage Forms
13 Pavithran Rayaroth M863600003 Nursing Effect of Structured Nursing Intervention on Anxiety, Depression and Quality of Life among Senior Citizens
14 Alice T P(Sr Lissa Paul) M763600008 Nursing Effectiveness of Planned Intervention Programme on Stress, Self Esteem and Adjustment of Adolescent wards of Clients attending De-Addiction Centers
15 Prabhu Shankar.G.L 765062002 Pharmacy Formulation and Evaluation of Periodontal Films for Local Delivery of Antibiotics
16 Vijayalakshmi.K D898900002 ECE Independent Component Analysis of EEG Signals
17 Vinutha.K M547300001 Chemistry Some Investigations in to the Properties of ZA - 27 / TIO2 Metal Matrix Composites
18 Sitharthan.R HOMOE 11 B 02 Homeopathy Efficacy of Homeopathic Treatment in Modulation of Immunoglobulin E (IgE) Levels in Bronchaial Asthma
19 A.Ramesh MATHS 11 A 03 Mathematics Oscillatory Behavior of Second Order Delay Difference Equations
20 C.G.Elangovan EDU 11 A 01 Education Aptitude and Attutude towards Teaching among Diet Teacher Trainees in Relation to their Emotional Maturity
21 Samuel.N D645600005 English Social Reality in the Works of Bhabani Bhattacharya
22 M.Ramasubramanian CSE 11 A 06 CSE Reconstruction of Near Realistic 3D Objects from 2D Image
23 Gowrisankar.M MATHS 11 A 02 Mathematics A Study on the Existence and the Properties of Random Impulsive Differential Systems
24 Porkodi.M BIOTECH 2009 AP 59 Biotechnology Studies on Antibacterial Activity and Mycorrhizal Effect on Coleus Aromaticus
25 Prema.P 758072001 Nursing Effectiveness of SIM on sex among the Higher Secondary School Children, Raichur, Karnataka
26 Shanmukhaih Surangimath O545900007 Education Achievement in Mathematics of IX Standard Students in Relation to their Home Life Experience, Mathematical Attitude and Intelligence
27 Basavaraju.G 755072002 Nursing Effectiveness of Structured Instructional Module on Knowledge, Attitude and Practice regarding Prevention of Oral Cancer among Adolescents in Urban Colleges of Bangalore South
28 Lakshmi Prabha.S BIOCHEM 2009 AP 43 Medi.Biochem Iron Homeostasis and Association of HFE Gene Polymorphism in the Pathophysiology of Preeclampsia
29 Zeanath Cariena Joseph 755072003 Nursing Effectiveness of Planned Preoperative Nursing Information on Postoperative Outcome among the Patients undergoing selected Surgeries at selected Hosptital of Kolar, Karnataka
30 Mukuntha Kumar.N PHAR 2009 AJ 159 Pharmacy A Stability Indicating Analytical Method for Anti-Hypertensive Drugs
31 Sajan Mathew J546100002 Management The Impact of Information Systems in Hospitals
32 Hanumantha Reddy.H O747600001 Chemistry Biochemical Investigation on High Light Induced Alterations in Primary Processes of Photosynthesis in Wheat Leaves
33 Rekha.G ANAT 11 A 10 Anatomy Cytogenetic Study of Chromosomal Aberrations in Subfertile Men
34 Damodaran.B D646500001 Psychology Effectiveness of Art of Living Course on Occupational Stress and Work Motivation Among Executives
35 K.M.Tullanithi D863620005 Medi.Biochem Selenium Status in Health and Disease
36 Shoury Kuttappa.A.P J546100016 Management Effect of Attrition of Core Employees in Organizations
37 Catherine.G MICBIO 2009 AP 23 Microbiology A Study of Micro - Flora of Fruit Wastes in the Production of Ethanol and Vinegar
38 Bharathi.M O763600002 Nursing Educational Interventional Study on New Born Care Among Primi Antenatal Mothers Attending Clinics in Selected Maternity Hospitals
39 Mruthyunjaya.J.H 766062003 Pharmacy The Design,Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Certain Bioactive Molecules Containing Heterocyclic Moieties
40 Kavitha.S ANAT 11 A 05 Anatomy Histomorphometric and Morphological Study of Papillary Muscles in Adult Human Hearts
41 Deepu.S J863600003 Pharmacy Formulation and Evaluation of a Controlled Release Oral Hypoglycaemic Tablet
42 V.Rajitha ANAT 11 A 08 Anatomy Study of Cytogenetic Pattern and Mutational Analysis of BMP - 15 Gene in Amenorrhea
43 Ramesh.D.K. 766062002 Pharmacy Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Certain Heterocycles
44 Ansa Mathew PHAR 2009 JA 155 Pharmacy Evaluation of Protective Effect of Herbal Constituents on Nephrotoxicity
45 Chandrasekar J547900004 Phy.Edu. Effect of Two Different Fitness Programmes on Selected Physical Physiological and Biochemical Variables
46 Subhashini.S MGT 11 A 05 Management Impact of Quality of Work Life Towards Organizational Commitments Among Staff Nurses
47 V.Baskaran J545600016 English Tagore:A Mediatrix of the Trinity of Nature, Man and God
48 K.Chitra Sankari M548300001 Biotechnology Genetic and Cytogenetic Studies on Primary and Secondary Amenorhea in Tamilnadu Population
49 Radhika.V ENG 11 A 01 English Interference of Mother - Tongue in Learning English as Second Language
50 Sheela.T ECE 2009 AP 27 ECE Investigations on Performance Evaluation of CMOS VLSI
51 Sreedevi .J M863600002 Nursing Effectiveness of Relaxation Programme on Institutionalised Women with Pregnancy Induced Hypertension
52 Damayanthi.S M763600015 Nursing Effectiveness of Video Assisted Teaching Module on Lifestyle Modifications of the Patients with Coronary Artery Diseases Admitted in Selected Cardiac Hospital,Bangalore,Karnataka
53 Amanullah.M M846900001 CSE Information Retrieval of Non - Text Based Data Using Ann
54 SakthiKumar .S O746900006 Comp.Sci. Framework of Business Intelligence System Using Data Mining for Improved Business Performance
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