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Promotion of Industry Partnerships

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Industry is the key generator of a nations wealth. It is with the patronage of the industry that a nation can afford public services such as health care and education.

The essential ingredient for industrial success is human endeavor. Those who educate, train, counsel and intellectually nurture people are the progenitors of human resources. In the broadest sense, the creation of the best human resources lies in the cross-pollination of ideas between the academia and industry, popularly referred to as the industry-institution linkage.

Preparing successive generations to take their place in the real world has always been the primary objective of educational institutions.This readying entails the revisiting and fine-tuning of both the syllabus and teaching methodologies to suit the pattern of life in the industry.The success of achieving this objective varies depending on the vision of the institution and its level of interaction with the industry.

Matching educational objectives with industrial needs is relatively easy to achieve during a slow transition. It becomes difficult and assumes greater importance as the rate of change increases, as is the case with the IT industry.

When the swiftness of transition becomes such that change is itself endemic, it is impossible for VMU to work in isolation; collaboration with the industry becomes imperative. The form it takes and the manner in which it is brought about, must reflect the prevailing conditions. Few could dispute that we live in a predominantly techno-intensive culture and hence, the involvement of the business community in VMU becomes sine qua non.

Realizing this responsibility, VMU has to promote a well-structured and viable model for fostering partnerships with industries of repute.

The Center for Promotion of Industry Partnerships in VMU is the way of recognising the fact that the academia and industry must cooperate and coexist for the reasons mentioned above.

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